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Start now the journey to discover the power of your voice!

Are you interested in exploring your voice?

Do you find it hard to make progress?

Close your eyes… and envision the best version of your voice…

What improvement do you see?

How do you get there?

Davide Ventimiglia will guide you on a journey to discover and develop your vocal ability.


Professional Vocal Coach

Davide is a vocal coach and professional singer with almost two decades of experience in the music industry. Starting his career in Italy, he decided to move to London with a curiosity to learn new approaches to singing. Here Davide built on his knowledge by achieving a First-Class Honours Degree in Popular Music Performance at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. This is where his passion for vocal coaching began, and he chose to specialise in Music in Education.

Working privately, Davide has taught pupils online and in person. His professional home studio in North London is a welcoming environment where you can explore your voice in a safe space.

No matter your level of experience, he will work with you to discover the full potential of your voice. He will guide you on a journey exploring your technique, style, and repertoire to develop your versatile and unique sound.


A Customised Plan...

Every voice is different. Therefore, during the introductory session, Davide will work with you to assess your ability and create a step-by-step plan to achieve your goal. 

  • This plan will work on:

    - Releasing tension to prevent vocal fatigue
    - Connecting your voice with your body
    - Developing your breathing technique
    - Exploring vocal production and technique including: range, transitions, placement, stamina, etc.
    - Pitch and ear training
    - Stylistic choices and repertoire
    - Performance and stage craft
    - Creating a tailored practice routine that works for you

  • Book your introductory session TODAY

    After the introductory session, Davide will tailor each lesson to suit your needs. Based on your level, he will help develop your vocal ability to achieve and exceed your best voice.

...For All Skill Levels


Turn your passion into a skill!

For those with a passion for singing but little or no prior training.

Ideal for first time singers that want to improve their singing skills starting from the basics.

Build on your confidence by learning how to sing your favourite songs.


Take your skill and use it!

Prior training with a basic knowledge of the voice.

Ideal for those that want to explore the potential of their instrument by further developing their technique.

Build on your control and start to make conscious choices while singing and performing.


Use your skill and hone it!

Prior training and experience in the industry.

Ideal for professionals that want to enhance their performance by continuing to develop their unique sound.

Build on your experience to become more independent. Learn how to make healthy choices to sustain your voice for a prolific and long-lasting career.

Meet Davide

Your New Vocal Coach

Davide has always been passionate about music and supporting others to develop their dreams. These traits have led him to become a vocal coach as he can share his love of singing with his pupils and help them grow.

He started his career in Italy achieving a distinction in Modern Singing at Liceo Musicale V. Bellini. Eager to learn more, Davide moved to London where he had new possibilities to expand on his vocal experience and knowledge. Here, he graduated with a First-Class Honours Degree in Popular Music Performance at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. During his time at ICMP, Davide realised his desire and innate ability to help other classmates with vocal challenges they were facing. Following his intuition, he chose to develop his skills and specialise in Music in Education. After completing his degree, he knew he wanted to become a vocal coach.

Throughout Davide’s career he has been involved in many projects, collaborating with other vocalists and musicians. His performance skills are finely developed after years of performing with various cover bands, having to adapt his voice to different styles and genres. He sings backing vocals for up-and-coming artists such as Luchi and was involved with various choirs including the ICMP Acapella Ensemble; therefore, he has a thorough understanding of blend and tone. Davide co-founded Vocal Venture London Limited with Hannah Graystone. They aim to build a community of vocalists, promoting good vocal health and creating unique backing vocal arrangements. He is one of the vocal tutors for the London Music Academy, working with students to achieve their vocal goals.

Davide’s approach to teaching encompasses his various experiences paired with research he has undertaken throughout the years. By blending a variety of modern practises such as the Estill model and the CVT, he has developed his own style of teaching. Davide is eager to continue expanding on his knowledge as he believes there’s still so much more to learn. Davide will make sure his knowledge is always current, giving his students access to the latest techniques and information.